Tierra Perfecta is sacred space, a path to solidarity in each other, a gateway to refuge in self. What makes us different is that at the center of our work is a sense of connection with each other and our environment. Our various programs are designed to give the visitor a holistic experience that increases their personal well-being by combining spiritual practices with involvement in social projects, environmental conferences and animal care awareness. Our philosophy integrates a search for wellness for both individuals and communities. Our personal experiences with suffering and social injustice have inspired us to bring this project to life.



After deciding to move abroad to seek conditions that might be more supportive to our shared goals, we had a sudden change of heart. Walking the cobble stone streets of Antigua Guatemala, admiring the natural beauty of volcanoes in the distance, sharing smiles with passersby, we realized that this was our home and our work lies here.

Guatemala has a history full of struggle ad strife, but also grandness and rich with cultural significance and spirituality. The land holds a natural splendor and its people hold their heads high and keep a warm smile despite the wars and destruction their society has endured. All of this contributes to a sense of wonder and magic that mesmerizes all that come here.

We choose this place to put the inspiration provided by our own teachers, mentors and our ancestors to work. Here, in this sanctuary, we provide practices, workshops, classes and help build a strong community aware of the problems in the world and which seeks to provide solutions.


We believe that peace is possible through practice and that connection to purpose is possible through peace.

Skillful self exploration. Solidarity in our fellow human beings, love for the animals and for the Earth. We know that profound and transformational insight is possible and we invite you to join us in our mission




Edgar Navarro is a Guatemalan artist and designer, his work has centered in developing brands in fashion and the creative field and the creation of projects with the Mayan community of Guatemala. His passion has turned into a deep knowledge of artisanal techniques in his homeland and a strong need to create projects that promote the growth of the communities in the country. With his brand he has also developed accessories based in crystal therapy principles and other healing techniques.


After a long struggle with addiction, Joseph found himself on a path of recovery through yoga and meditation. His journey led him to believe that the seemingly miraculous can happen for those who embrace a lifestyle of practice and surrender. By following precisely the directions of his mentors and teachers he has achieved a level of satisfaction and happiness in life that was once unimaginable. It is his hope to share this contentment with anyone who asks for it.